Material ways of knowing

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curiosity, hand, fire time, connection

View article: Curiosity, Hand, Fire, Time, Connection [pdf]
Published in New Ceramics Magazine
Issue No 1/16

Material evidence

View article: Material Evidence [pdf]
Published in Yarrobil Magazine
Issue No 1, 2015

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conversations, jazz & pots

View article: Conversation, Jazz and Pots [pdf]
Published in The Journal of Australian Ceramics Issue No 541, 2015

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exploring the edge

View article: Exploring the Edge [pdf]
Published in The Log Book
Issue No 33, 2008 pp.25-35

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Studio Based Courses

View article: studio based clay courses [pdf]
Published in The Journal of Australian Ceramics

The Myth of Control - Ceramic Review

View article: The Myth of Control [pdf]
Published in Ceramic Review
Issue No 202, July-Aug 2003 pp.44-47