Exploring Form for the Table - Woodfiring and an Italian Feast

June 30th – July 13th 2019

La Meridiana – Italy

International Centre of Ceramics in Tuscany

This course will focus on a variety of techniques for thrown forms. A playful approach to make will be encouraged so that new ideas can be discovered. A variety of skill levels from basic to advanced are catered for. The goal will be to produce a number of pieces for the table. Participants will then wood fire their works. A feast will follow the firing where the pieces can be used and appreciated. Many fantastic food and cultural experiences of Tuscany will also be available.

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Conversations with clay

July 16th – July 21st, 2019

Ceramique de la Gare Centre, Bannstein, France

The course will focus on some techniques for hand building, as well as throwing, and consideration of surface texture. 

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